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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Made it out to the movies tonight-

And the BSU and I really enjoyed The Changeling. It stars Angelolina Jolie, John Malkovich and was produced by Clint Eastwood, so it has real star power in front and behind the cameras in this movie. Its a true story that took place in 1920s and 30s Los Angeles and centers around Jolie's character, Christine Collins' search for her abducted son. The LA police department produce a boy that they claim is her son after several months but she knows, from the minute of introduction that the boy is not her son and is an imposter.

LAPD puts up every lie and delay possible, including throwing Collins into the county mental hospital where she can't reach the outside world. Only through the efforts of an activist preacher who has taken up Collins' case does she get released and the story taken public. In the mean time, a detective in the force is uncovering a tragic multiple homicide story told by a young boy that interconnects with Christine's search for Walter.

It's a good story. It is a dramatic tale of one woman's uncompromising search for her lost son as she brings down a corrupt police force in a growing California city. The acting and period clothing and vintage autos and sets are just as excellent as any movie I've seen lately. That it is a true story brought to the big screen makes it even better.

There is one detraction- ok, 2 distractions in this movie; Angelina Jolie's lips! She has terrible, big fat lips and glossing them up with vintage cardinal red lipstick just makes those lips stick out like giant, puffy flags that distracted me through out the movie. Otherwise this film gets 2 thumbs up from the BSU and myself!

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